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"Getting People A Good Life!"

Brantwood Community Services empowers people with developmental challenges in their pursuit of a full life.

People with developmental disabilities deserve good lives in welcoming communities.  Brantwood Community Services helps adults and transitional aged youth to achieve goals and live the life they want.  We help them get connected to the supports and services they need to live as fully and as independently as possible in their communities.

Brantwood Community Services is a fully accredited non-profit charitable agency guided by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The agency is funded primarily by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Brant United Way.


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Join Us for Disabilities Mentoring Day  October 28, 2015

Brantwood is participating in Disabilities Mentoring Day and we are looking for employers who are interested in participating by offering a one day mentoring opportunity in their place of work. Contact Vicki Schweyer-Querney at vschweyer@brantwood.ca or 519-753-2658


In September 2013 Brantwood Community Services was accredited for the third time and was the first agency in the province of Ontario to have achieved this milestone.



Brantwood Community Services is committed to ensuring that the supports and services provided  are offered in a manner that is based upon the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. This multi year plan (2014-2019) is intended to move Brantwood Community Services towards meeting the mandatory requirements of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation.   Accessiblity Workplan (September, 2015)pdf

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