IMG_6152.JPGMarch Break and Summer Escape

The March Break and Summer Escape programs provide a “day camp style” experience for transitional aged youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The programs offer fun, safe recreation activities and community involvement where participants can socialize with friends, develop new relationships and enhance personal and social skills. They help participants become more independent and provide opportunities to try new experiences within a supportive environment

March Break and Summer Escape operate out of Brantwood’s Recreation and Therapy Centre and are supported by professional and well qualified staff who are able to meet the physical, developmental, recreation and medical needs of the participants.

The Summer Escape program is structured around theme days and there is a focus on utilizing the services and resources of the City and staying in town as much as possible. This includes services such as Earl Haig Sports Park, Brant Park and the local trail system. Activities could also include fun recreational outings such as laser tag and bowling, and a visit to local museums and attractions.

Summer Escape runs for approximately six weeks during July and August with up to 60 people participating.

March Break and Summer Escape also provide families with respite support where they can get a break from the demands of caring for a child or adult with a developmental disability. This is especially important in the summer when school is out families may not have any daytime support for their child.


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