Policies & Procedures


As Brantwood Community Services is a provincially funded organization that receives public funds of $10 million dollars or more from the Government of Ontario, Brantwood complies with the mandatory accountability and transparency requirements of the Broader Public Sector Accountability

Act, 2010 and the associated applicable directives, specifically:

  • The BPS Business Documents Directive
  • The BPS Expenses Directive
  • The BPS Perquisites Directive
  • The BPS Procurement Directive

Click here for details about the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act 2010 and its associated directives.

In addition to these mandatory requirements, Brantwood implements policies, procedures and practices consistent with best practice from the Government of Ontario, the Developmental Services Sector, the non-profit sector and guidance from various financial, legal and business advisors.

Published Documents and Policies

Organizational and Financial Reports


Brantwood Community Services is committed to ensuring that  supports and services are offered in manner that is based upon the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity.  Our multi year accessibility plan is intended to move Brantwood towards meeting the mandatory requirements of the integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation.

Click here to read our Accessibility Workplan (2019)

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Brantwood is committed to providing respectful, quality services to people supported and their families. We take all feedback/concerns seriously and respond to them in a person centred and timely manner. Brantwood encourages people supported, a person acting on behalf of an individual and the general public to provide feedback at any time.