Andrea and David meet Kristen their new Boss at Braemar.JPGHire a Person With a Disability

At Brantwood we are committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities in securing opportunities for paid work for all people who want a job. Real jobs for real pay.


Why hire a person with a disability?

 People with disabilities are an untapped labour pool of dedicated, skilled and reliable individuals in your community. They work hard, perform well on the job and bring new skills and diversity to the workplace.

 People with Disabilities are more loyal to employers than their peers

 A loyal workforce means reducing the cost of hiring and training new staff.  Retention is 72% higher among persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities are more reliable than their peers without disabilities

86% of persons with disabilities rated average or better on attendance.


People with disabilities offer opportunities to develop flexibility in directing labour resources

Job carving allows employers to better focus skills in appropriate directions and improve efficiencies.  Flexible hours of work and types of roles make matching more specific and effective in placing persons with disabilities.


How do we help potential employers and potential employees navigate the process?

Brantwood’s Work-Abilities program empowers people with disabilities by helping reduce social isolation through skills training for employment, self-employment or volunteering.

We offer potential employees:

  • Pre-employment skills development
  • Individualized planning and discovery process
  • Matching and placement assistance and initial orientation for those seeking employment
  • Business planning supports for those looking to start their own business
  • Matching and placement assistance and initial orientation for those seeking volunteer opportunities

 We offer potential employers:

  • Job carving supports
  • Matching and placement assistance and initial orientation
  • Individualized planning
  • Job shadowing and trial options with potential candidates

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