Brantwood Recognized With Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award

February 9, 2018



February 8, 2018, Brantford, Ontario – Brantwood Community Services is one of only 13 organizations across Canada to receive a Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice (NEOC) Award.

Canada’s non-profit sector has recognized the vital importance of incorporating private sector business practices in such areas as marketing, financial accountability and people management while still honoring the sector’s best practices in service and mission delivery. The Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice ™ Awards (NEOC) recognizes organizations that have committed themselves to better business management practices ensuring successful mission achievement.

All winners successfully completed the NEOC Organizational Profile and Employee Commitment Survey achieving a minimum overall score of 75% to qualify for the award.

Brantwood Community Services ( is recognized as a leader in providing developmental services to transitional aged youth, adults and families. Brantwood operates a full range of supports including group homes, supported independent living, intensive supports, shared care, a variety of respite supports, employment supports, a recreation therapy centre that offers a variety of general interest and leisure programs and a seating clinic that develops and produces customized wheelchairs. Brantwood employs over 220 professionals and provides opportunities for over 70 local volunteers.

Jo-Anne Link, Brantwood’s Executive Director, states “the Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice brand gives Brantwood instant credibility as a world class, employee-focused organization. I have always known Brantwood employees to be exceptional and this recognition proves that Brantwood is a ‘great place to work’ and validates the efforts Brantwood employees put forth every single day to create great experiences for the people and families we support.”

Link says that this initiative will “help Brantwood build an even stronger, more engaged workplace culture; and a more engaged workforce creates inclusive lives for people and better outcomes. The Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award will also allow Brantwood Community Services to benchmark against the industry’s average and share best practices.”

For more information, contact:
Jo-Anne Link

Brantwood Community Services

519-753-2658 Ext.157

The NEOC is a partnership between CCEOC Inc., Hillborn: ECS and the Goldie Company.