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Person-Centred Planning is the foundation upon which Brantwood's services are built.

Rather than starting with pre-defined program models, we start by getting to know each person - their hopes and dreams, their vision of a good life and their unique support needs.

Brantwood can help you create a personalized INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN.  Our experienced Person Centred Planning facilitators work with each person and their network to identify goals and dreams and to facilitate links to services and community based resources. 

Person Centred Facilitators use a variety of discovery tools to explore new possibilities and opportunities for developing community connections.


A facilitated GIFTS session is sometimes the best place to start when a person's identity and direction seem to be lost or confused.  GIFTS is a "no barriers" approach to identifying a person's talents and where they might share their GIFTS in their community.


An illustrated translation of a person's words, phrases and stories.  The two tools used for Graphic Facilitation are MAPS and PATH.  A MAP helps to clarify what the dream is.  A PATH identifies the steps needed to achieve the dream. 

If you would like to use a portion of your Passport funding for person-directed planning, Brantwood can help facilitate a life plan that identifies your work, volunteer, leisure and recreational interests and goals.

For more information on Person-Centred Planning services offered by Brantwood email info@brantwood.ca




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